About Us

Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing (NAHOH) was established on 16th
October 1996 at the initiative of a group of individuals who were hard of hearing
themselves and had been suffering from neglect and leading lonely life.

Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing is an organization working for the the welfare of hard of hearing in Nepal. It has been providing services and information to hard of hearing for more than a decade. Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing was established in 1996, with the joint efforts and team spirit of the Nepalese Hard of Hearing persons, with the objective of promoting and developing the hard of hearing community, in a systematic way. This association has been registered at the Kathmandu District Administration Office and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council. Managed by the hard of hearing persons, this association has set its objectives as working for the welfare of the hard of hearing people, promoting the spirit of affection, unity and mutual co-operation among the hard of hearing persons, preserving their rights, promoting awareness of the hearing community by motivating them, reducing their feelings of hatred and neglected by others and conducting programs with the purpose of fulfilling the above-mentioned objectives.


Hard of Hearing People of Nepal enjoying dignified life in an equitable society.


To organize and build the capacity of hard of hearing people so that they are
empowered to claim and utilize their rights.


  • To raise awareness in the community so as to ensure respect and positive
    attitude for hard of hearing persons.
  • To strive at making the hard of hearing persons skilled, productive, and self-
  • To work towards identifying the causes of hearing impairment and take
    necessary measures for control, prevention, and cure of the hearing loss.
  • To carry out activities for the promotion of the welfare of the hard of hearing